Jury Summons Reporting Information


 Jan. 15th     Division A     Judge Jason Verdigets                       Gonzales              CANCELLED

Jan. 15th     Division E      Judge Alvin Turner, Jr.                      Gonzales             CANCELLED

Jan. 22nd    Division D      Judge Jessie LeBlanc                         Gonzales              SCHEDULED- Jurors to report at 1pm

Jan 23rd      Division C     Judge Tess Stromberg                        Gonzales             SCHEDULED Jurors to report on Tuesday, January 29th at 9:00 a.m. before Judge Alvin Turner, Jr.

Jan. 24th     Division E      Judge Alvin Turner, Jr.                      Gonzales             SCHEDULED

Jan. 29th     Division B      Judge Thomas Kliebert                     Gonzales             SCHEDULED

Jan. 29th     Division D      Judge Jessie LeBlanc                         Gonzales             SCHEDULED  

Feb. 6th       Division A      Judge Jason Verdigets                       Gonzales             SCHEDULED

Feb. 14th     Division B      Judge Thomas Kliebert                     Gonzales             SCHEDULED

Feb. 21st      Division D     Judge Jessie LeBlanc                          Gonzales            SCHEDULED

Feb. 21st      Division E     Judge Alvin Turner, Jr.                       Gonzales            SCHEDULED